M62 Mauser, Hurlen rifle (Gift rifle)

M62 Hunting rifle.


Technical information:


  • Name: M62 Hunting rifle
  • Production year: 1970 and 1963?
  • Serial number: 1499, 1553 and 1462 (No. 1462 is now sold).
  • Experimental started:
  • Caliber: 308 and 30-06
  • Magazine capacity: 5
  • Weight:
  • Produced at: Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk
  • Stock material: American walnut
  • Lock mechanism: Bolt action
  • Approved by the army: Civil production.
  • Number produced: About 30 according to some literature, possibly as many as 80.


In 1962 Kongsberg våpenfabrikk came up with a new model of the

gift rifle, hence called M62 and goes under the name Hurlen rifle,

after the managing director at the time, Bjarne Hurlen.

The rifles seen here are three out of about 30 (80) produced. The

rifle with serial number 1499 was given to Supreme Commander

of the Swedish Armed Forces Stig Gustaf Synnergren, as a gift

from Folke Hauger Johannessen, Chief of Defense of Norway,

when he visited Sweden September 1971. Later, the rifle was

used as a prize in a military 15 km biathlon race in 1979 which

was won by Hans Andersson, a young officer in the Swedish army.

He won the competition with more than 4 minutes to the second

best. He had only 1 minute added on the shooting range and

several professionally Swedish biathlon athletes participated in

this competition, so it was a rather impressive race by Hans


The next rifle, also used as a gift, was given to Ragnar

Christiansen in 1982. Mr. Christiansen was a Norwegian politician

within The Labor party. He was both Minister of Finance, (1971-72)

and Minister of Transport and Communications, (1976-78). In 1982,

when he actually received this rifle, he was county governor in

Buskerud. (Kongsberg is located in Buskerud County). This rifle is

almost identical to the one mentioned above. The serial number

tell me that there has to be produced a lot more than 30, as some

literature informs. The serial number on this rifle is 1553. There is

no reason for the factory to make a large gap in the serial number

range. The Third rifle has a peculiar serial number too, 1462. This

number is actually in the middle of the M55 serial number range,

so I guess they had some minor logistic problems at Kongsberg


The last rifle, with serial number 1462 has almost kept the original

bolt handle and the safety is the original model. This rifle has now

left my collection, but I will keep the picture for ilustration only. The

rifles with serial number 1499 and 1553 have a totally new design

on both safety and bolt handle. The safety is a Parker Hale model.

One more major difference is the rear sight that on this last rifle is an

ordinary V-notch and post, while the other two has a peep sight.

When it comes to the finish on these rifles, it is very much the same as with the M55. It looks very ordinary and there is no luxury at all. The M62 used ordinary Mauser M98 actions and they were delivered in 308 Winchester and 30-06.

The serial numbers on the M62 should according to some literature start with 1474 and end with 1505. These rifles tell me different.