Civil hunting Kammerlader No.2

Civil hunting kammerlader.


Technical information:


  • Name: Hunting Rifle
  • Production year: About 1863
  • Serial number: 71
  • Experimental started:
  • Caliber: 4 linjer, (11,77 mm)
  • Magazine capacity: 0, singel shot
  • Weight:
  • Produced at: Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk
  • Stock material: Birch?
  • Lock mechanism: Breachloader percussion.
  • Approved by the army: Civil production.
  • Number produced: Not very many.


This is another civilian 4 linjer kammerlader (breachloader) produced at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk. This stock is slightly different from the other civilien rifle, and that makes sense, since I have never seen two identical hunting kammerlader rifles from Kongsberg. The only marking i can find is the serialnumber 71 and the approval mark. There are not very much literature written on these rifles.