M1849_55_59 Army Kammerlader

M1849/1855/1859 Army kammerlader.


Technical information:


  • Name: M1849/1855/59 Army kammerlader
  • Production year: 1851
  • Serial number: 1017
  • Serial number range: Approximately 1-6673
  • Produced: 1850-1855, rebuildt in both 1855 and 1859.
  • Caliber: 18 lødig, (16,8mm)
  • Magazine capacity: 0, singel shot
  • Weight: About
  • Produced at: Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk.
  • Stock material: Birch
  • Lock mechanism: Breachloader percussion.
  • Approved by the army: November 20, 1849 and Mai 26, 1855
  • Number produced: There are no documentation on how many rifles that was rebuildt like this, but it has to be a quite large number.


This gun was made in 1851 and was a ordinary M1849 from Kongsberg. In 1855 it got a new rear sight like almost all kammerladere did at the time and was now ready for the new pointed projectile. When this was done they removed the old rear sight and plugged the old screw holes. It was used like this for some years, but when the men in the Jägercorps were to approve the M1859 rifle in 1859, Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk were not able to produce the number needed. Instead, they decided to rebuild the older models, like the M1849/55. They shortened the barrel and the stock, removed one brass band and plugged the hole in the stock with a small piece of wood. This piece of wood is today a certain proof of this model. After this alteration it is close to identical with the original M1859 with only two brass bands, made in 1859. Up until 1859, this rifle had a socket bayonet, but after the rebuilding it used a sword bayonet. Both Kongsberg, German and Belgian produced M1849 rifles were rebuilt in 1859 at Kongsberg Arms Factory.