M1860 Long Kammerlader for rifle clubs

M1860 Long kammerlader for rifle clubs.


Technical information:


  • Name: M1860 Lang kammerlader for Skytterlag
  • Production year: 1862
  • Serial number: 228
  • Serial number range: Approximately 1-2708 (This range is shared with the short rifle).
  • Produced: 1861-1867
  • Caliber: 4 linjer
  • Magazine capacity: 0, singel shot
  • Weight:
  • Produced at: Kongsberg V√•penfabrikk.
  • Stock material: Walnut
  • Lock mechanism: Breachloader percussion
  • Approved by the army: Civil production
  • Number produced: Nobody knows for sure, today there are known more short versions than long like the one shown here.


This civilian rifle is almost identical to the military M1860, but there

are some small differences. They are e.g. butt plate, barrel bands

and the trigger guard is made of iron, not brass. The stock is made

out of walnut insted of birch. There are some more minor differences

as well. This rifle was sold through rifle clubs that was bloomin all

over the country at the begining of the 1860s. This rifle came

prepared for the same socket bayonet as the militarry long M1860.

There was produced a short version of the same rifle at the same time as well, this rifle is identical but there are only two barrel bands. The short model came prepared for the sword bayonet M1860.

The rifle shown here is in terrible condition and there is a lot of rust on the steel. Unfortunately this rifle has the bracket for bayonet removed as well. I found this rifle in the US, so I had to bring it home despite the poor condition.