M1860_67 Navy Landmark

M1860/67 Landmark.


Technical information:


  • Name: M1860/67 Landmark
  • Production year: 1862/67
  • Serial number: 374
  • Serial number range: Approximately 1-500?
  • Produced: 1860-
  • Caliber: 4 linjer, later 12,17x44R
  • Magasin capacity: 0, singe shot
  • Weight:
  • Produced at: Kongsberg V√•penfabrikk.
  • Stock material: Birch
  • Lock mechanism: Breachloader percussion, later changed to Landmarks patent.
  • Approved by the navy:
  • Number produced: About 500


The navy adopted the patent that Jens Landmark came up with

while he was executive director at the factory in the period

1855-1880. The army adopted the Lund patent, which you can read

more about here. All of the navy archives were burnt during WW2

and that makes it hard to find credible information about the navy

kammerlader rifles. What we do know is that there were not as

many produced to the navy as to the army. As far as I know only

about 500 were ever produced of the different models of

kammerlader rifles for the navy. This makes them rather scarce,

but the prices are often not as high as one could imagine. The

reason for this is that most kammerlader collectors prefer the army

models.The rifle you see here is a rebuilt M1860 kammerlader.

Landmarks patent that is mentioned here was based on replacing

the chamber with a rather complex mechanism. See pictures....

After this reconstruction the rifle could now use the top modern metal cartridge, 12,17x44R. An original cartridge is seen next to a .22LR round in the gallery. A recently made bullet is also seen in the gallery.