Modified early Krag Jorgensen

Modified Krag Jørgensen Skarpskyttergevær.


Technical information:


  • Name: Modified Krag Jørgensen Skarpskyttergevær
  • Production year: 1922, later modified into a sharpshooter rifle
  • Experimental started:
  • Caliber: 6,5x55
  • Magazine capacity: 5
  • Weight:
  • Produced at: Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk
  • Stock material: Flamy birch
  • Lock mechanism: Bolt action
  • Approved by the army: Civil design
  • Number produced: Many rifles was rebuildt like this.


Norway was one of the poorest countries in Europe during the years after WW2. The rifle called Krag Jørgensen M30 was never a greate success, and I expect that a rather high price was the reason for that. It was a lot cheaper to rebuild an old military rifle

with a new heavy barrel, a new stock and a diopter sight, than

buy it as a new rifle, like the M30. This after-market made

gunsmiths all over the country to come up with their own design

of buttstocks. The rifle you see below has a Gransæter stock.

This particularly stock is made out of Norwegian flamy birch,

really good looking.

The fact that this rifle first was built as an M1912 carbine is not

possible to see now.